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In this case, the child has deviations: This form combines paresis of the upper limbs along the entire course, including the shoulder girdle. Tendon reflexes are completely absent, there is no active movement, and muscle tone on palpation is determined as reduced. colchicine, muscle atrophy develops. Treatment of obstetric abnormalities.

The tactics of colchicine obstetric paresis is individual in each individual case. Treatment of pathology begins with the first acute period and continues until the consequences are completely gone. It is necessary to highlight the stages of residual effects after obstetric paresis, which persist until the end of life: mild degree - movements are slightly limited, a person fully retains the possibility of self-service; medium degree - a significant limitation of the mobility of the joints of the right or left hand of the child, as a result of which in adulthood he is somewhat limited in self-service; severe degree - active movement of the joints becomes impossible, more often remains in one hand.

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Important! In rare cases, the acute course of obstetric pathology causes the needratable consequences that cannot be completely eliminated. Methods of treatment differ somewhat in different stages after a neurological injury.

Therapy in the acute and initial recovery period. The acute and recovery stages are subject to conservative treatment, which aims to: to eliminate pain; preventing inflammation due to paralysis.

To do this, use a cardboard tire, which fixes the shoulder at an angle of 60 degrees, taking it to the side and bending the elbow to 100 degrees. From the 4th week of life, the installed splint is removed to wash the baby and treat the skin from bedsores. During this time, traumatic consequences completely disappear, and muscle deformity is prevented.

From the age of 3 months, a removable plaster splint is used to correct obstetric paresis. Increase the limit of the abducted limb to 90 degrees. Gradually, elbow flexion should be reduced to 130-150 degrees, while the limb should be 140 degrees higher than the head.

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Important! Be sure to carry out exercise therapy, massage, apply thermal physiotherapy with mud, paraffin or colchicine, electrophoresis.

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